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Any fandom, any character, any sort of relationship.

Write about a character breaking up with a person they have any sort of relationship with, or a character breaking up with an institution, an organization, an ideal...

Comment with prompts by putting this in the subject line:
Prompt: fandom or just Prompt if it's for any fandom. Feel free to specify characters and relationship types too, if you have any preferences.

Answer any prompts which interest you, and also feel free to comment directly to this entry with an off the cuff ficlet or fragment, or a link to where you've posted it. Reposting previously written fic which fits the theme is fine.

Absolutely no care or effort or beta-reading or editing is expected or required! I'm just hoping someone will entertain me. People I don't know are very welcome indeed ♥

Master list

The Aeneid - Dido breaking up with Aeneas: Vergil fanfic because that's how I roll by [personal profile] calvinahobbes in both Danish and English

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Mai breaking up with Zuko: Avatar: TLA, during The Boiling Rock by [personal profile] jalendavi_lady in English

Red Dwarf - Rimmer breaking up with the Space Corps: Red Dwarf: Rimmer leaves the Space Corps by [personal profile] evilawyer in English

White Collar - Neal breaking up with Peter: Four years and counting [White Collar] by [personal profile] snakeling in English
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Hvis du kan læse dette,
Om du kan läsa detta,
Hvis du kan lese dette,

så skriv en fic på mindst 50 ord på dansk, og offentliggør den på Archive of Our Own og gentag denne udfordring i din egen journal.
Vi får se hvilket sprog der vinder!

då skriv en fic på minst 50 ord på svenska, och publicer den på Archive of Our Own och upprep denna utmaning i din egen journal.
Vi får se vilket språk kommer att vinna!

så skriv en fic på minst 50 ord på norsk, og publiser den på Archive of Our Own og gjenta denne utfordringen i din egen journal.
Vi får se hvilket språk vil vinne!

You are very welcome to compete if a Scandinavian language is your second language or a foreign language to you.
You may translate a fic and post that with the author's permission and linking back to the original.

[personal profile] calvinahobbes: The Little Alien, Doctor Who, H.C. Andersen, language Danish - go read it, it will make you laugh and clap your hands with joy. Then tell her how brilliant she is :-D
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[ profile] lgbtfest
[syndicated profile] lgbt_fest_feed

"LGBT Fest, a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This fest is multi-fandom and open to stories about any characters you want to write as LGBT, whether they're canonically LGBT or not."

There are so many excellent prompts already submitted I look forward to reading. I particularly want to read this: "Temeraire, original character, the Admiralty are delighted that a Longwing has finally taken a male captain. Unfortunately, there's something she hasn't told anyone yet."

Go, add a prompt, and look for prompts to claim, or just look forward to all the wonderful fic that's going to be posted!
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Who loves transformation fic? I do!

If you also love transformation fic, check out the transformation challenge at the Archive of Our Own.

The transformation challenge is the new monthly challenge in the Interspecies, cross species collection, a collection of fics which ship two or more people of different species. The collection as of today has 57 works in 23 fandoms.

You can add your fic to the collection at any time, so long as it features an interspecies ship. If you'd like to participate in the challenge, you have to add the fic before March 31st, 2010 which is the deadline.

This month the challenge is to write either a fic of minimum 1000 words, or a series of 10 drabbles (or more). It's up to you how to interpret the prompt "transformation" - it could be physical, emotional, expected, shocking, voluntary, involuntary... whatever you want.

Good old-fashioned cliche fics are welcome, surprising interpretations of the prompt are welcome, any fic is welcome :-)

Remember, you must have an AoOO (werewolf) account to be able to post, so sign up a few days to a week before you need it. Sometimes you have to wait a couple of days before the sign up code is mailed to you, depending on how many people are in the queue.
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You may interpret the prompt however you like:
  • A remix of the fairy tale?
  • A tale of (not) judging a book by its cover?
  • A tale of an arranged marriage?
  • A tale of a person stranded in an alien world?
It's up to you how to interpret the prompt "The Beauty and the Beast".

  1. The fic must be at least 1000 words.
  2. The fic must ship two people of different species, whether romantically or sexually.
  3. Non-sapient partners (bestiality) do not count.
  4. Uncertain or dubious sapience is okay, for example if Character A does not know whether the tentacle monster fondling her or him is sapient.
  5. The fic must be written for this challenge.
  6. All fandoms are welcome.
  7. Deadline is January 31st 2010.

The challenge takes place on the beautyandthebeast collection hosted at the Archive of Our Own. If you do not have an account, sign up for the AO3 now, so you will have the account in plenty of time to meet the deadline.

I encourage you to repost this challenge to your own journal, or link to this post, if you are at all interested in writing a fic for this challenge, or reading fic written for this challenge.

If you post a fic to this challenge, I will guarantee you glorious feedback at least from one person ^_~
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Where is my long, angsty Doctor/Doctor narcissistic/incestuous romantic drama?

The Doctor keeps bumping into variations of himself and desperately clinging to them, longing for some kind of deep and meaningful contact with someone who might possibly understand him, then in his usual intimacy-phobic way pushing them away from himself, if circumstances don't force them to part.

There's meeting his own previous incarnation in Barcelona. There's the Doctordonna (two of them, even!). There's the Doctor's Daughter. There's the Master remaking himself in the Doctor's image. There's the Next Doctor, who not only has the Doctor's memories, but has also suffered a terrible loss, risks himself to save others, and simultaneously binds his companion to him and holds her at arm's length. There's John Smith, fascinated by and scared of the Doctor, and of being/becoming him.

Obviously the show is my long, angsty Doctor/Doctor narcissistic/incestuous romantic drama, duh, you might say. But I want more. I want someone (not me) to really delve into it and wring all the melodrama out of it, and maybe even give the Doctor a happy ending or at least a happy while longer than what he has had so far.

Russell: having the Doctor and the Next Doctor have dinner together was nice and all, but you still suck. Fanfic is for being all emo, and turning your main character into a universally beloved (or greatly feared and respected by his enemies) Messiah figure. Canon is for having a coherent plot and coming up with new content, instead of endlessly going over and over the same favorite villains and previous emotional high points until they're worn down to tired cliches. I'm glad you're leaving.
The set-designers and wardrobe people can definitely stay.