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[personal profile] schmevil was saying how remixing and plagiarizing are not at all the same thing, and that "in a fannish context, there can only good flows from being remixed. It's possible to compare unfavourably with the new, transformative work, but it's still going to drive new readers your way."

We got to talking about what a shame it is that people feel this social pressure to keep their fannish influences secret, and how there ought to be a meme. I feel strongly that cross-pollination between writers will produce fic of a higher quality. We're all inspired by what we read, sometimes we lift something but use it in a new context, sometimes we like something enough to expand on it, sometimes we realize we actually have an opinion about something when we come across something we disagree with. And when we get a fanwork out of that inspiration, we're probably grateful to the other fans who inspired us. This meme is your chance to let others know they've been an inspiration to you!

I hope that we can create an atmosphere of shared fun and pleasure in creating, and realize that remixing fanworks is an homage just as remixing canon is.

Meme: Fannish influences on my fic - Pick a fic you've written, and explain how other fanworks inspired you. )

And I think that's it! Those were the fannish inspirations for my fic.
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Title: Cover Stories
Rating: suitable for all audiences
Summary: Ronon and Amelia are living together in San Francisco while Stargate Command uses Atlantis as a training facility. Nothing has been declassified, and they can't tell anyone the whole truth about themselves.
Pairing: Ronon/Amelia
Notes: written for the coping mechanism challenge on [info] - communitysga_flashfic

Word count: 1430 Read more... )
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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: all audiences
Characters/pairing: Rodney Mckay
Spoilers: Grace under Pressure and Echoes

Wind )


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