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[community profile] covert_affairs - a place to post or announce your fic, vids, icons, episode reviews, meta and any other creative things you come up with inspired by the awesome and pretty Annie, Auggie, Jai, Joan, Danielle, Arthur and Liza. You can talk about Ben too, if you must ;-)

Also the place to discuss the episodes, what you ship, news and rumors, or any other thing about Covert Affairs.

[community profile] white_collar - the go to place on Dreamwidth for all White Collar content! You're going to need the comm extra much now, because during mid-season there will be the White Collar Dreamwidth Fest \o/

[community profile] lj_refugees and [community profile] getting_started - two great comms for learning nifty things you never knew about Dreamwidth even after a year and a half of open beta. Also a good place to meet new people and to welcome the newbies and spread the Dreamwidth culture of openness.

[community profile] bullerbyn - anything and everything Astrid Lindgren! So far it's mostly been fic recs by yours truly, but don't be shy, go ahead and post about your love of Astrid Lindgren's books.

[community profile] dkfen - a comm for arranging meet-ups in Denmark. Open to all nationalities! We do tend to chat in Danish, but we all speak English and several other languages, and we love to meet new people.

[personal profile] fandom_newsletters - don't read this journal. Read this journal's reading page, because it subscribes to all the Dreamwidth fandom newsletter. Yes, all the fandom newsletters. If you can think of one it doesn't subscribe to, it wants to know.
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Do you live in or near Denmark, or are you travelling through Denmark, and would you like to meet other fans?

Then [community profile] dkfen is for you. The comm is for arranging meet-ups in Denmark - it is not "for Danes".
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[community profile] fanficrants is a comm to rant and vent about everything having to do with fan fiction. The rants are often petty, offensive and over-generalizing, the comments are often comedy gold. Sometimes there is glorious wank.

On livejournal, fanficrants is one of the most progressive comms I know, and a place I go to relax and get cheered up when the rest of the internet is being assbutts. Yes, there's fail. But for every *ism wank storm, there's also a grammar wank storm, or a True Definition of a Drabble wank storm.

Often there's friendly bonding and commiserating over annoying tropes, discontinued WIPs we love, and things like that. And there's lots of canon and character love, sometimes with good recs.

The comm is very kink friendly, and nothing will get you jumped on quicker than shaming someone for their kink.

The comm has a lot of active, engaged members working to make it a good, fun, inclusive place to be, and on top of that also has active, engaged mods who make good calls and write awesome smack downs when needed.
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[community profile] ficondemand A fun prompt community. Open to all fandoms, and gen, slash and het prompts. Multiple prompt fills are allowed, no pressure, you don't have to call dibs. Warnings are obligatory. I like reading the prompts themselves, even if there are no fills. There is a good tagging system, so you can easily navigate it.

[community profile] write_good A community for asking for constructive criticism of your fic. I love the idea of the comm, and think it could be very valuable for writers who don't have a beta reader, and for beta readers who sometimes have a bit of time for critiquing but don't want to make any promises.

But we need some writers to post who actually have some questions to ask about their fic, and have given their writing some thought, and who have a use for any concrit they may receive beyond "feedback! nice".
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Latest things tagged "meta": So many interesting posts to read, and you don't have to wait for [community profile] metafandom to pick them up \o/

[community profile] fandomcalendar: keep up with what's happening in fandom - not limited to dreamwidth.


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