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My fan fiction is under the fanfic: all fic tag.

Warning policy

Generally I welcome any and all comments. It doesn't matter if I don't know you, or you disagree with me, or you don't have a dreamwidth account: You are welcome to comment and I'm just happy that you want to.

On the rare posts where I feel a need to limit and moderate comments, I will state so clearly.

I enjoy receiving feedback on my fic, and learning your thoughts whatever they may be is interesting to me. For me, writing fic is an act of communication. I like it when someone lets me know they read my fic, and it's awesome if it provoked a thought or a feeling that a reader wants to share with me. I don't care if you hated it or thought it made no sense, I'm just glad you feel like responding to it, even if it's only with a single word.

Lurkers are welcome. Please enjoy reading whatever you find in this journal. Feel free to add this journal to your reading page, it does not place any obligation on you to comment or interact in any way.


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November 2016

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