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Oct. 3rd, 2012 05:11 pm
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The Danish Council for Safer Traffic are running a campaign to "drive while you drive". Tired old memes become fresh again in translation!

[personal profile] blnchflr and [personal profile] calvinahobbes have reinflamed my passion for cheesecake by baking a wonderfully delicious snickers cake for our meet up. I've been experimenting with different cheeses ever since. Made a good one, except for sligtly too much vanilla. Made a too flan-y one with cottage cheese. Made a very good one with chocolate cream cheese, but I had used up the sturdy paper cups and the flimsy ones I had left over collapsed and poured chocolate cheese cake all over my oven. (It seemed more sensible to experiment with small batches in cupcake cups.)

[personal profile] lysanatt was a pleasure to get to know, and it was amusing to learn we had more people in common than we knew.

[personal profile] oneiriad inspired me with her new job, and I used her as an example of a successful networker at work. Everyone was suitably impressed.

[personal profile] calvinahobbes recommended the vid Jag Svär, and I enjoyed it thoroughly this morning. I never thought I would like that song, but the vid uses an excellent cover.

[personal profile] kabal42 handsomely modeled one fantastic Tony shirt after the other, and also dramatically displayed some really good art when his Tony poster jumped off the wall and assaulted [personal profile] lysanatt, so I've been catching up on Iron Man comics for a few days now.

I told a guy at work, and he sneered that he finds superhero comics very unrealistic. "Yes, indeed. Magic ponies are much more realistic," I said. He said that yes, they are. He's kind of right. He also says that I am a brony like him, but I'm not so sure about that. Being a brony involves a certain degree of brodudeness, I think?

For some strange reason [personal profile] exeterlinden and [personal profile] ximeria have not provoked any new activities in me this week, even though I enjoyed their company very much.
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