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Title: Crash and Burn missing scene, in which Grant is not a rocket scientist.
Pairing: Grant/Karie Q.
Rating: Adult
Word count: 1500
Spoilers for the Mythbusters episode "Crash and Burn", inspired by the personas projected on TV by real people, but pure, fictional fantasy. Smut. Cracky, porny smut.
Written for [community profile] myth_confirmed, especially [personal profile] lunate8.

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directly inspired by "Leopard porn" by [ profile] naotalba. Thank you for writing such a funny and awesome fic, Naotalba!
Summary: Sam has never shown the slightest inclination to having sex with Dean, but when Dean is magically turned into a leopard, Sam is all over him. What's a big brother/potential boyfriend supposed to do with that?
Rating: adult
Fandom: Supernatural
Notes: Consent issues (magic makes them do it), surprisingly little porn despite being all about sex, beta-read by [personal profile] ximeria - thank you Ximeria! You went above and beyond.

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Clark enjoys colors. The sunshine yellow of a field of ripe grain. The clear blue of the sky over Kansas. The warm red of a barn back home. He finds the bland gray and oatmeal and black of big city folk's clothes vague and wishy-washy. They're like little bugs trying to blend in with the dirt or a piece of bark, except they're really blending in with the concrete and steel of Metropolis. For people who are so loud and pushy they're surprisingly ignorable and forgettable. On the other hand, it's quite soothing how no one wears pink or purple.
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Sexually transmitted

When Clark suddenly developed micro-vision, he learned not to look too closely at his bed or his food. True, the cheese mites swimming around in his sandwich were sort of soothing and mindlessly entertaining like a load of laundry in the dryer, but the sight of them didn't exactly whet his appetite. The dust mites were worse, all over his pillow and on the quilt from home. He slept hovering in the air over the bed for a week before he got over his squeamishness.

And that is how he managed to infect seven girls with bed bugs before noticing.
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Title: Cover Stories
Rating: suitable for all audiences
Summary: Ronon and Amelia are living together in San Francisco while Stargate Command uses Atlantis as a training facility. Nothing has been declassified, and they can't tell anyone the whole truth about themselves.
Pairing: Ronon/Amelia
Notes: written for the coping mechanism challenge on [info] - communitysga_flashfic

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Title: Let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about you and me. (Not a songfic, we promise)
Authors: [personal profile] noracharles and [personal profile] ximeria
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: Teen
Summary: Ray and Fraser talk about sex.
Notes: Written for the refusal challenge on [ profile] ds_flashfiction
Word count: 1126
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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: all audiences
Characters/pairing: Rodney Mckay
Spoilers: Grace under Pressure and Echoes

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TITLE: Life is Like a Box of Donuts
AUTHORS: [personal profile] ximeria & [personal profile] noracharles
FEEDBACK: or in this livejournal
CHALLENGE: [ profile] sentinel_thurs - #36 "Write a story dealing with the concept of honesty and obfuscations/lies --> not necessarily the obvious one in TSbBS" issued by [ profile] rhiannon_jehane.
PAIRING: Jim/Blair
SUMMARY: Donuts.
RATING: all audiences
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Title: Strong Like Her
Feedback: always welcome
Fandom: Smallville
Characters: Lana and Chloe
Summary: Lana and Chloe camp in the woods
Rating: parent guided, for mild horror and staying up late
Warnings: none
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Title: Ménage à Trois, it's harder than you'd think
Feedback: always welcome
Fandom: TAXI
Characters: Emilien/Daniel/Peugeot
Summary: Daniel gets the threesome he's always wanted.
Rating: teen
Warnings: none

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Title: Kiss
Feedback: always welcome
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Giles
Summary: two perspectives on "on your knees"
Rating: teen
Notes: mildly kinky
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Old Lech

Lex laughed weakly, and wiped the last tears of mirth from his cheeks, before pressing eject on the remote. He loved The Wedding Singer. He felt pretty confident this movie was one Clark would enjoy too.

Smiling languidly, he half turned in the couch, pulling his right leg up under him, and looked at his friend. His date.

Clark smiled back, his eyes shining happily and a flush in his cheeks. God, he was sexy...
"Great movie, Lex. Was that Billy Idol guy a real person?"

Lex put both feet back on the floor and turned to face the TV.
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New Friendship

Lex absently put down the sheaf of papers as he rooted in his pocket for more change. He found a crumpled dollar bill and an Indian head cent he wanted to give to Clark. He got out his billfold and smiled distractedly at Lana who was already waiting with a tray in her hand. Six credit cards and three hundred dollar bills. He glanced at the sign by the cash register that said The Talon didn't accept those.

Lana raised an eyebrow. Lex tried to look suave.

Lana laughed. "This one's on me."

Lex blushed, and smiled shyly.
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Clark paused to stretch and wipe his brow. The sun baked down on him, and even though the fence posts weren't heavy to someone with super-strength, the constant bending and fetching more posts from the truck-bed was giving him a good workout. This far from any roads he could let go and move naturally. He had even taken off his T-shirt, which he never did publicly, unless Pete was equally bared.

Next to half-naked Pete he could probably levitate and no-one would notice...

Clark adjusted himself furtively, and glanced around, then went back to work at normal human pace.
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Who needs 'em

Vicky scowled at the anorexic porn-star swizzle-stick.

"Fucking bald arsehole."

She desultorily stirred her drink, only looking up briefly to glare at the barkeep staring unabashedly down the front of her sharp business suit.

Something soft pressed against her back, and a sweet, exotic fragrance enveloped her.

"Yeah! Men are such guys," a squeaky voice breathed in her ear. Vicky lifted a bleary eye to the mirror, and saw only herself.

She looked over her shoulder at the gorgeous blonde smiling coyly at her. "Too right," she slurred, and knocked over her drink as she turned to grab her fantasy.
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Title: Mosaic Fragments
Feedback: always welcome
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Summary: Lex considers his relationship with Clark
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none
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