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In another entertaining game, the Penguins come roaring back from an 0-2 deficit to end up winning a game 4-3 with plenty of offensive fireworks.


About as expected for Pittsburgh, Matt Murray gets the start on the first night of the back-to-backs for the third time in three occurrences.

1st period

Ian Cole takes a high-sticking penalty just seven seconds into the game. The Penguins kill it off but never really seem to get into the game and Jamie McGinn scores after beating the Pens defense to a loose puck that Murray didn’t control.

The sloppy play continues with a weak clearing effort/pass from Sidney Crosby that the Panthers jump on and keep in the zone to keep their cycle going. Eventually Brian Dumoulin loses his stick (not good!) and can’t defend a pass to Aleksander Barkov who hammers another one by Murray and it’s 2-0 FLA before the first TV timeout.

The Pens take yet another penalty and Bryan Rust is able to generate a great SH chance, but Roberto Luongo makes a big save on him. Shots in the period end up 11-11 but score is 2-0. Luongo is playing well, the Pens on the other hand...Not so much.

2nd period

The Pens get off to a better start in the second, earning their first power play of the night which lasts all of 7 seconds before Evgeni Malkin tips a puck in from the front of the net. 2-1 FLA.

Make that 2-2, Carter Rowney ties the score 30 seconds after the first goal, with his first goal of the season.

The Pens get a second power play when Phil Kessel gets slashed, and they score a second power play goal with some amazing puck movement and shots by the top PP unit. Finally, Malkin fires a centering effort for Crosby to tip in from rigth in front, and my goodness that’s one of the prettier sequences that you’ll see. 3-2 Pittsburgh.

Shots for the period (period!!) end up 22-13 for the Pens. They really poured it on.

3rd period

Werid play about 5 minutes into the 3rd, Sheary tries to cut the corner on Luongo, who as goalies are apt to do is trying to run a little interference in front of the net. Except Luongo’s hand/thumb/blocker get caught up and pinned, causing an injury. Weird happening, Bobby Lou had to leave the game, hopefully he is OK, never like to see a legend get hurt and especially on a freak thing.

Florida keeps clawing (ah ah ah) and tie the game with rookie defenseman Mackenzie Weegar showing great patience to fake a shot, wait and then fire through traffic to score and tie the game at 3.

the Pens get a 4th power play and a 3rd power play goal, this time from the second group when Olli Maatta makes a beautiful pass (oft-repeated line this recap season) this time to Conor Sheary who bursts past the defense with speed and scores on the backhand to give the Pens a late lead 4-3.




Some Thoughts

  • Another slow start and really no excuses, the Pens pretty clearly aren’t interested in nagging things like “60 minute effort” or “team defense”. Long season and somewhat understandably they’re not playing like the Cup is on the line in October. Surely that doesn’t ease fan and coaching frustrations.
  • Right from the beginning, the Pens are the most penalized team in the league. So what do they do? Take a high-stick 7 seconds into the game. A defenseman gets outskated to the net after the forwards do nothing to slow a breakout against them. Poor clearing attempts. And a goalie who’s leaving rebounds and not stopping everything.
  • Improvements are needed all around, but this team doesn’t look like they want to buckle down, they look like they want to play 5-4 or 6-5 games every night. Or 4-3. Whatever. You score a few, we’ll score one more. That pretty much seems to be the team mindset these days. A bit aggravating, and the defensive/goalie stats sure don’t look pretty but with now 5 wins in the last 6 games, the pretty much are good enough to do just enough to win.
  • Interesting tactic for coach Mike Sullivan in the first period, his first adjustment is to put Crosby with Carl Hagelin and Patric Hornqvist (the 3rd line wingers) for some double-shifting and he would leave them that way for the rest of the game.
  • One other note would seem to be, if not a “benching”, certainly a message to Conor Sheary and Jake Guentzel. The two played soft with the puck, got caught out for 3 long shifts against...And they only had 2 shifts (and 0:41 total a piece) over the second half of the first period.
  • Obviously wasn’t a total benching, and Sheary rewards the team with a late PPGfor the eventual game-winner. Still didn’t like all of his decisions with the puck or away from the puck but you can’t argue speed and skill.
  • Hey, take out those ugly first 6-7 minutes and it was an easy 4-1 Pens win. It works that way, right?
  • The amount of abuse Patric Hornqvist takes, and the amount of attention he commands just makes such a difference for the rest of the group to be able and work the puck around and eventually get the puck to the net.
  • Barkov pretty much took Sid’s lunch-money in the faceoff circle tonight.
  • In a minor but intriguing on-going storyline, Ryan Reaves got a season-high 9:23 (the somewhat benched Sheary and Guentzel only had 9:42 and 10:45, respectively). 1 SOG, 1 takeaway, and a +1 on the night for Reaves. He played a normal shift and we can all breath easy it was OK.
  • Speaking of benched, a team-low 7:54 total tonight for Greg McKegg. Rose coming off the bloom? McKegg’s low time meant lots of ES TOI for Crosby (16+), Malkin (15) and Rowney (11) on the night.
  • And, I guess if we’re gonna bitch about taking too many penalties, we can at least acknowledge and applaud that the Pens stayed out of the box for the last 43:30 of the game, and the Panthers went 4 times. That plus a 3/4 PP on the night was the difference in the game at the end of it.

Wasn’t always pretty, especially early, but shots ended up a fairly commanding 48-31 in favor of Pittsburgh. High octane hockey is alive and well, and if anyone wants to trade chances and power plays, well step right up and try your luck when the two-time reigning, defending, undisputed defending champs come to town. Tampa? You’re up tomorrow.

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The young Canadiens’ forward name has been floating around as a potential trade target for the Penguins as they look to fill their 3C hole. And Detroit looks to make a trade to shed salary

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins have another player in mind when trying to find a more suitable third-line center?

A name that is being tossed around right now is that of Montreal Canadiens center, Alex Galchenyuk. TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger said this much on Thursday night:

“Jim Rutherford and the Pittsburgh Penguins are in the market for a centre and he has been for quite some time, I would say. Just augment what they have in considerable talent up the middle of the ice there. There’s been some speculation as to who might be available as to players who aren’t and Matt Duchene probably isn’t a great fit financially for the Pittsburgh Penguins. But Alex Galchenyuk from the Montreal Canadiens, his name has surfaced. We shouldn’t be overly surprised by that, again given the fact that more often than not Galchenyuk seems to be in the doghouse there and given the play of the Montreal Canadiens as of late, perhaps there’s a fit there that could make some sense.”

This is all fine and good, but can it realistically happen? Let’s take a look.

From the Canadiens Perspective: The Montreal Canadiens have started the season with a 1-5-1 record, which is good for last in the Atlantic Division. If this ball keeps rolling, the Canadiens may become desperate enough to deal the former 30-goal scorer sooner rather than later.

Galchenyuk’s role with the club has also been diminished under Claude Julien’s watch, with Galchenyuk being demoted to the 4th line during last year’s playoff run. Fast forward to this year, and Galchenyuk has amassed one measly goal through 7 games, and that is with the presence Max Pacioretty and Jonathan Drouin alongside him.

The production just hasn't been there for the Wisconsin native, but looking at Galchenyuk’s past, there’s reason for optimism that he may find his scoring touch once again. Galchenyuk found the back of the net 20 times the 2014-15 season and followed that campaign up with a 30-goal season in 2015-16.

standard NHL career statistics
Scoring Goals Assists Shots Ice Time
2012-13 18 MTL NHL 48 9 18 27 14 20 9 0 0 2 17 1 0 79 11.4 143 591 12:19 59 79 42.8 23 25 9 8 Calder-9
2013-14 19 MTL NHL 65 13 18 31 -12 26 10 3 0 2 11 7 0 110 11.8 193 936 14:24 5 10 33.3 49 25 30 23
2014-15 20 MTL NHL 80 20 26 46 8 39 17 3 0 1 17 9 0 163 12.3 300 1314 16:26 82 85 49.1 91 44 24 28
2015-16 21 MTL NHL 82 30 26 56 -8 20 21 9 0 4 19 7 0 201 14.9 360 1333 16:16 359 390 47.9 62 36 31 36
2016-17 22 MTL NHL 61 17 27 44 -5 24 11 6 0 6 18 9 0 104 16.3 198 972 15:56 274 368 42.7 36 32 17 34
2017-18 23 MTL NHL 7 1 0 1 -3 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 13 7.7 30 106 15:11 2 5 28.6 4 4 3 2
Career NHL 343 90 115 205 -6 133 68 22 0 15 82 33 0 670 13.4 1224 5253 15:19 781 937 45.5 265 166 114 131
Provided by Hockey-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 10/20/2017.

What would Montreal want in return: Well, outside of veteran defenseman, Shea Weber, the Habs don't really have a defense. They signed former Capital Karl Alzner in the offseason to a five-year deal, but that’s just about it. Remember Joe Morrow? He’s also one of their top six defenders!

Montreal would almost certainly be looking for another defender. The Penguins must also examine the salary cap implications. As of today, the Pens have roughly $2 million to work with. If Montreal is not going to eat some of Galch’s $4.9 million contract, then Pittsburgh would need to send someone back.

Moving Olli Maatta and his cap hit of $4 million per year could make sense for both sides. Pittsburgh has some serviceable defensive depth and younger prospects like Ethan Prow, Frank Corrado, or Lukas Bengtsson could be given an extended look with the big club.

If it’s forwards the Canadiens after, centers seem to be an ongoing issue for them. They may be looking to trade Galchenyuk in the first place due to needing more down the middle. Obviously this isn’t a fit with Pittsburgh, who have no depth forwards to trade.

Promising prospect, Daniel Sprong, could also come up, one would think, being one of few valuable trading chips that Pittsburgh has.

As it stands now: This story may soon fall by the wayside and the Penguins may just be “kicking the tires” on the 24-year-old, but if one thing is known about General Manger Jim Rutherford, it’s that he does not shy away from a good trade.

Acquiring a player like Galchenyuk and taking his past, his present, and his future into consideration, the Penguins could be set down the middle for years to come, should the price be right.

One other familiar name has been in the mix too, with the Detroit Red Wings agreeing to a contract with winger Andreas Athanasiou. Before they can register this signing with the league, they must make a trade or some demotions.

The rumored deal was the Pens sending Derrick Pouliot (and possible more) to Detroit for Sheahan. Pittsburgh, however, couldn’t wait for Detroit forever and had to get under the 23-man roster after training camp, so they traded Pouliot to Vancouver for a 4th round pick.

Interestingly, if Sheahan is traded soon, it will almost certainly be for a draft pick or future prospect since they’re at the cap limit. Maybe that 4th could be in play? Rutherford half-jokingly mentioned that he might end up trading that pick, and perhaps that could come to light.

Now the questions circle back to the old debate: is Sheahan an upgrade on Greg McKegg and Carter Rowney? Should the Pens just stay patient and wait for their un-named “other candidates” to possibly go on the block? Just what would Detroit be willing to let Sheahan go for? Perhaps by next week some of these answers will be known.

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Adrian S. Thieret found this sign inside his brand new apartment complex in Shanghai a few days ago:

It reads:

xǐyī fáng zhèngzài zhuāngshì zhōng -ing…… 洗衣房正在装饰中ing……
("the laundry room is being decorated")
jìngqǐng qídài 敬请期待
("coming soon", lit., "respectfully please wait expectantly")

The excess of markers of the present progressive / continuous aspect in the first line is almost mind-boggling.

In Mandarin, you can indicate the present continuous with zài 在, zhèng 正, or zhèngzài 正在 before the verb.  The zhōng 中 ("in [process / midst of]") after the verb is optional.  The final particle ne 呢 can also be used to show that the action of the verb is ongoing.  In certain situations (e.g., doing one thing while something else is being done), you can also tack on the suffix -zhe 着.

The sentence in the first line of the sign already has three indications of the present continuous, and other resources for emphasizing progressive action in Chinese are available, yet the person(s) who wrote this sign chose to add the English verbal ending "-ing" as well.

Melvin Lee comments on the fondness for the English verb ending -ing in current Chinese:

This usage is actually not uncommon among the young generation in China/Taiwan now. My friends and I tend to use qídàiing 期待ing when we want to say "looking forward to it," particularly in emails or text messages. In this picture, it is interesting because 正在…中 has already served the function of Verb-ing. Therefore, the "ing" here looks a little bit redundant. Still, this kind of mixture of Chinese and English has become so common now, which is surely very interesting.

A few relevant posts:

[Thanks to Maiheng Dietrich and Yixue Yang]

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The Penguins hit the road to take on the Florida Panthers. We preview what to watch for


Pittsburgh Penguins @ Florida Panthers

Puck drop: 7:38 PM Eastern, AT&T Sportsnet, 105.9 The X

SBN Blog: Litterbox Cats

Expected lines (from practice Thursday, no pre game skate today):

Jake Guentzel - Sidney Crosby - Conor Sheary

Bryan Rust - Evgeni Malkin - Phil Kessel

Carl Hagelin - Greg McKegg - Patric Hornqvist

Tom Kuhnhackl - Carter Rowney - Ryan Reaves

Brian Dumoulin / Kris Letang

Ian Cole / Justin Schultz

Olli Maatta / Chad Ruhwedel

Zach Trotman will be on the Penguins roster for the first time, expected to be the 7th defenseman. Chris Summers, who had been up for a while and a scratch every game, was sent back to the AHL to be able and play some.

Matt Hunwick (concussion) remains off the ice and is not going to game action return in the near future.

—The Pens haven’t announced a starter as of press time yet. They have to play again tomorrow night and backup Antti Niemi hasn’t looked sharp in 2 starts, both on the second night of back-to-backs. Might they play Niemi tonight and use Matt Murray tomorrow in Tampa? Stay tuned..


After losing in Pittsburgh last Saturday night, the Panthers only played one game this week and it was a 5-1 loss to Philly. They enter the game with a 2-3-0 record and will also be traveling tonight to play the Caps tomorrow.


Jonathan Huberdeau - Aleksander Barkov - Evgeni Dadonov

Jamie McGinn - Vincent Trocheck - Radim Vrbata

Nick Bjugstad - Jared McCann - Owen Tippett

Micheal Haley - Derek McKenzie - Colton Sceviour

Keith Yandle / Aaron Ekblad

Michael Matheson / Mark Pysyk

Mackenzie Weegar / Alex Petrovic

—One change to the Florida lineup is 23-year old Weegar in the lineup making his season debut. He played 3 NHL games last year. Never heard of the former 7th round pick so I guess we’ll see what he’s got.

—Another change worth watching will be the addition of Tippett to the lineup. The 18-year old was Florida’s first round pick and a healthy scratch last week against the Pens. He made his NHL debut in the Philly game, firing off an impressive 7 shots on goal in just 11:39 of time. As a fast-skating RW with a good shot, he’s been compared favorably in some circles to a young Phil Kessel-type of player.

—I’ve seen conflicting reports about if James Reimer (who gave up 4 goals to the Pens on Sat) will play or if it will be starter Roberto Luongo. With another game tomorrow night, they also have to consider how to manage the starts.

Player to watch: From what we saw last week, it’s Huberdeau. He scored two goals on the Pens and looked dangerous all night long. Western PA native Vincent Trocheck is probably one of the better players that no one really mentions all that much either in the national media scope.

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The New Jerseys Devils are off to an incredible start – but what’s driving their success? (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

In what was supposed to be another rebuilding year, it seems that, instead, the New Jersey Devils are positioning themselves for a lot of success.

They lost just once in their first six contests — and that to a very good Washington Capitals team — and have wins over the otherwise untouchable Maple Leafs and Lightning. They outscored their opponents by nine goals in those six games. And generally speaking, where everything seemed to go exactly wrong last season, things seem to be going exactly right now.

The offense is clicking, as nine players have at least four points through the first six games. No skater whose played at least two games is without a point. And at the back, both Cory Schneider and Keith Kinkaid seem to have the goaltending back to where it used to be: Reliably excellent.

But as you can probably guess whenever a team widely considered to be bad before the season rampages out of the gates, this isn’t success that’s built to last.

First and foremost, let’s just point out the obvious: They’re shooting 14 percent as a team in all situations, with a .920 save percentage. With Schneider, we can reasonably assume (for now) last year’s horrific save percentage was a fluke, and that .920 is about where he should be; his career average is in that range, so let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and say we’re headed for another season of that. (We’ll get to goaltending a little more in-depth in a minute, though.)

But the 14 percent number isn’t going to last, and we all know that. Like the Blue Jackets last year, all the goals they’re scoring is leading to a lot of people wondering “What are the Devils doing differently this time around?” If they keep it up for at least a little while longer, a lot of people will really dig into their systems and everything else looking for an explanation, when the explanation is probably going to end up being “Sometimes you just shoot 14 percent for 15 games.”

Because here’s the thing: The Devils are in the bottom-10 in the league in a number of offensive and defensive “per 60” categories simultaneously. These include attempts for and against, unblocked attempts against, shots on goal for and against, and expected goals against.

That leaves them sitting on a roughly middling number of unblocked attempts for per 60, and an extremely high expected goals per 60. That latter stat doesn’t totally sync up with the number of actual of goals they’ve scored — right now they’re scoring more than half a goal above and beyond what they “should” have at 5-on-5 — but one expects we’re about to hear the same kind of “shot quality” argument we’ve gotten half a dozen times before for this team if they can keep it up even remotely.

The reason they’re scoring a lot, at first glance, is pretty clear: They generate a lot of scoring chances (though they allow more) and a good chunk of them are of the high-danger variety. As you might imagine, they convert on a lot of them.

On low- and medium-danger shots, they’re only okay, but they’re banging in high-danger opportunities at an incredible rate of more than 20 percent. That is, 1 in 5 shots around the net area are making their way past the goalie.

Now, okay, you maybe say, “Well, when you’re generating a lot of high-danger looks, that’s going to lead to high shooting percentages, since that’s likely to create a lot of rebounds.” Except the Devils only have eight 5-on-5 rebounds created through their first six games. Compare that with, to pick a couple teams at random, Chicago (11) or Toronto (16). Part of the problem, then, is that it’s hard to generate rebounds when you’re putting the puck in the net on your first shot. But also, the league-average shooting percentage at 5-on-5 is 18.3 percent, so certainly the Devils are getting lucky in this regard, at least a little bit.

Where they’re making more hay than you might expect is on low-danger shots, which account for about 1 in every 5 goals they’ve scored at full strength. They’re shooting at three times the league average in that category. So that’s only two extra goals more than they “should” have, but two goals at this time of year is enough to move the needle. That they were tied for fourth in league-wide shooting percentage before last night tells the story pretty clearly.

They’re also running at more than 30 percent on the power play, scoring eight goals already and shooting more than 21 percent. Last year, they were roughly middle-of-the-pack at nearly 13 percent. Nico Hischier doesn’t make that much of a difference, so that, too, cannot last.

The real issue, then, is how well Schneider and Kinkaid have played at 5-on-5. It’s almost too good. Implausibly good, especially on medium-danger shots. To have conceded as many from decent scoring areas as the perimeter of the rink on roughly the same number of shots is unsustainable, obviously, but that’s where they’re at through six games. That’s the reason the team entered Thursday night with the fourth-best save percentage in the league, despite the fact that they give up a lot of chances from those areas. That, folks, is luck.

It’s likely, then, that both these numbers will come back to earth sooner than later. Somewhat counter-productive for the Devils to get all this good luck now, when they’re supposed to be tanking, but one imagines there won’t be too much complaining.

The good news for the Devils, in a way, is that even if they keep this up for a little while longer, no one is going to be fooled into thinking they’ve magically turned into a juggernaut. It’s fun for now, sure, but this is a team just beginning its rebuild, not coming to the end of one, as many of the PDO-heavy teams of the past few years have been. Unlike a lot of those teams, the Devils haven’t exactly been swimming in high picks of late. Everyone sees and understands that this is not a particularly skilled team, even as the goals go in for now. And Schneider is great, but he’s not this far above the league average.

As long as people keep the conditions by which all these wins have come in mind, there’s no need for Devils fans to get themselves all excited about what comes for the team in March or April. Get out in front of the hysteria; we all know this isn’t for real. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, for now.

Ryan Lambert is a Puck Daddy columnist. His email is here and his Twitter is here.

All statistics via Corsica unless otherwise noted.

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SUNRISE, Fla. — The last time the Penguins played the Florida Panthers — a mere six days ago — the Penguins allowed 46 shots on goal, a number they met or exceeded just five times last season and a career-high workload for Matt Murray in the regular season.

Holiday Exchange Sign-Ups Reminder

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2017 Cap-Iron Man Holiday Exchange Banner
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Sign-ups are still open!

There are only a few days left! The 2017 AO3 Collection is open for sign-ups until October 22nd 11:59 PM EDT (what time is it for me?). You still have the whole weekend to sign-up, but don’t miss your chance!

Please make sure to take the time to read over the sign-up instructions and example sign-ups before heading over to AO3 to sign up. If you still have questions after reading those, check out the FAQ.

If you signed up already, take a moment to read through your sign-up again. The most common issue is listing all the prompts, no matter for which verse, inside one request. This year we’re asking you to sort your prompts by universe and make a separate request inside the sign-up for each verse.

If you have any questions to the mods, you can ask them right on this post, by emailing cap.im.events@gmail.com. For the duration of the event, we have also created a special Holiday Exchange Discord channel - link to the invitation.

2017 Holiday Exchange mods,
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The Pens are back in action tonight, Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr are being highlighted, and it looks like the stars are ready to play ahead of another back-to-back set. More on these topics, as well as more stories in today’s Pens Points!

Here are your Pens Points for this Friday morning...

The Pens begin another round of back-to-backs with a matchup against the Florida Panthers tonight and a game against the Lightning tomorrow. Stay tuned to Pensburgh for coverage of both games. Puck drop is set for 7:30p.

Heads up: Former Penguins Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr will both be ranked in the top 10 of NHL Network’s Top Goal Scorers of the 1990s this Saturday, October 21 at 5:30p. ET. The countdown is based on a number of metrics, including goals per game, totals goals, number of 30, 40 or 50 goal seasons, and ranking of goal scoring each season throughout the decade.

Because of Matt Hunwick’s recent injury and trip to I.R., the Penguins have made another roster move, this time calling up defenseman Zach Trotman. [Penguins]

It’s no secret that the amount of back-to-backs the league handed the Penguins this season was, uh, a bit much. Nevertheless, this is a battle the Penguins must face this season, and with another set about to begin, the Pens are looking to solve these struggles. [Trib Live]

With all of these back-to-backs, the Penguins will be relying heavily on their star power. And as it looks now, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel may be about to heat up. [Trib Live]

For Pittsburgh native and Florida Panther Vince Trocheck, the influence of Jaromir Jagr is still felt on him and many other young Panthers. [Post-Gazette]

Matt Murray may not be playing his best hockey at the moment, but knows he will have to step up his game. [Post-Gazette]

News and notes from around the league...

The NHL has seemingly reverted back to its older ways when dealing with penalty calls. [All About The Jersey]

Thought you were never going to see a glow puck ever again? Now may be the best time to revive the infamous piece of vulcanized rubber. [ESPN]

"Let's" in Chinese

Oct. 20th, 2017 04:08 am
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Posted by Victor Mair

Advertisement recently spotted by Guy Freeman in the Central, Hong Kong MTR (subway) station:

It's a mixture of Chinese and English, of simplified and traditional characters.  In this post, I will focus on the calligraphically written slogan on the right side of the poster:

Hǎinèi cún 'zhī'jǐ, let's zhīfùbǎo


This slogan is not easy to translate.  Consequently, before attempting to do so, I will explain some of the more elusive aspects of these two clauses / lines.

First of all, the zhī 支 inside single Chinese quotation marks in the first clause has more than two dozen different meanings, including "support, sustain, raise, bear, put up, prop up, draw money, pay, pay money, disburse, check / cheque, defray, protrude, put off, put somebody off, send away, branch, stick, offshoot, twelve earthly branches, a surname, division, subdivision, auxiliary verb, measure word for troops".  For the moment, I'll refrain from attempting to translate it in the present context.

In the second clause, zhī 支 is part of the disyllabic word zhīfù 支付 ("pay [money]; defray"), which, in turn, is part of the trademark Zhīfùbǎo 支付宝 ("Alipay", China's clone of PayPal).  Being the name of a company, Zhīfùbǎo 支付宝 ("Alipay") is a noun.  However, since it here follows "let's" to form a first person plural command, it is acting as a verb:  "let's Zhīfùbǎo 支付宝" ("let's Alipay").

When we realize that the first clause is a literary allusion, it gets even trickier.  The first clause is perfectly homophonous with and echoes the first line of this couplet by the Tang poet, Wang Bo 王勃 (650-676):

hǎinèi cún zhījǐ, tiānyá ruò bǐlín

海内存知己, 天涯若比邻

"When you have a close friend in the world, the far ends of heaven are like next door."

Thus 'zhī'jǐ「支」己 (lit., "pay self") is a pun for zhījǐ 知己 ("bosom / close / intimate friend; confidant[e]; soulmate", lit., "know-self").

I would translate the whole couplet this way:

"You have a bosom friend (pay pal) everywhere, let's Alipay"

Guy notes that the ad "is from Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba, a very large Internet company from China. This shows the occasional outbursts from Chinese officials about defeating English to be useless at best."

Last question:  why did they use the English word "let's" instead of the equivalent Mandarin, "ràng wǒmen 让我们" or "ràng wǒmen yīqǐ 让我们一起"?  But that's three or five syllables instead of one, so it sounds clumsy and clunky instead of neat and crisp the way an ad should be.

If they wanted to avoid the English "let's" and use only Chinese, they could have written something like this:

yīqǐ Zhīfùbǎo 一起支付宝 ("together Alipay")

To tell the truth, in terms of rhythm, idiomaticity, and catchiness, that actually sounds better than "let's Zhīfùbǎo 支付宝 ('let's Alipay')" when paired with "Hǎinèi cún 'zhī'jǐ 海内存「支」己" ("You have a bosom friend [pay pal] everywhere").

Bottom line:  they wanted to sound international, since Alipay has global aspirations.

There have been many earlier posts on multiscriptalism and multilingualism involving numerous languages and scripts.  Here are some that specifically feature Chinese:

This is not an exhaustive list.

[Thanks to Fangyi Cheng, Yixue Yang, and Jinyi Cai]

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Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid made an early bid for pass of the year with a ridiculous dish against the Blackhawks. (Liam Richards/The Canadian Press via AP)

Connor McDavid’s speed and vision was on full display once again Thursday, to absolutely nobody’s surprise.

After picking up the puck at full speed at the Oilers’ blueline, McDavid turned on the jets and barrelled toward the Blackhawks’ all-world defence duo of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. As he often does, McDavid made the elite pairing look like amateurs as he combined a slick spin move with a ridiculous no-look pass to Patrick Maroon, who promptly tapped a gift into the open net.

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McDavid has been a bright light in a dark start to the season for the Oilers, tallying seven points in six games so far. The Oilers came into action Thursday with just one win and sitting second-last in the Pacific.


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