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Have you seen Kissing Jessica Stein?

I'd like to read some fic based on that movie's plot, but which reframes the story from being "straight woman exploits queer woman emotionally, first seducing her then gradually parking her in the friend zone, leading her on for the sake of the intense friendship coupled with ego-boo attraction she can provide, all the while flirting with men" to "bicurious romantic woman with heterosexual-leaning demi-sexdrive falls in love with and enters into an intimate relationship with a sexual woman. Their different sex drives cause relationship problems".

Not necessarily Jessica/Helen, I'd be happy with a fusion with any fandom starring any two same sex or gender characters.
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My mom made me really happy today.

Sometimes I feel like I have to come out to her over and over again, because it's so often she expresses some unexamined heteronormative assumption about me and my life.

But today I was telling her a story about a female friend and "her darling" - boyfriend/girlfriend is not a gendered word in Danish - and without any hesitation or sign of thinking it over or making an effort, my mother replied referring to them as "two young women". As it happened, my friend is straight and her darling was a man, but most of my friends are queer, and it feels wonderful to know that my mom understands and accepts that on an unconscious level now.
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I've migrated to

So far it looks much easier to aggregate links and to copy links from the bookmarkers you're following than it was using delicious. It looks like it could be a wonderful tool for fandom. I like the tumblr style rebookmarking and the reccing of users who link to the things you are interested in.
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What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?

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I've been talking to British people on the phone all day today and yesterday. It's very tiring talking to someone of a different culture you aren't that familiar with, without the aid of body language and facial expressions, and while concentrating on pronunciation so as to not seem foreign in a difficult to deal with way.

It was nice to be able to make some progress in communication as I got more practice, and sleeping on it definitely helped me put my experiences from yesterday into use. Now I feel like looking for jobs in the UK, so I can try living there and learn even more.

Then again, dealing with real people up close and personal while they're being confronted with one's foreignness can try one's love for their country. I consume a lot of British media and feel a lot of affection for the UK because of that, and because of some wonderful vacations I've been on to England and Scotland, and I don't really want to ruin that idealized image by having an experience like I did while living in Spain for the first time.
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Monkey bread is a pull-apart coffee/dessert cake type thing, made by baking small pieces of white bread dough in a sugar and butter sauce. Some people add cinnamon, nuts or raisins, and, for some strange reason, some people use margarine instead of butter.

Has anyone tried it? Is it sort of like extra gooey cinnamon rolls? I've been on a caramel kick recently, and the youtube videos of that caramelized sauce lovingly clinging to the fluffy sweet buns make my mouth water. But when I think of trying out the recipe, it doesn't really seem worth it compared to just buying a single cinnamon roll in the store.
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This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 31

Ableist or ablist?

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I spell the word as "ableist"
28 (90.3%)

I spell the word as "ablist"
2 (6.5%)

The proper spelling is "ableist"
8 (25.8%)

The proper spelling is "ablist"
2 (6.5%)

I don't believe in "proper" spelling
4 (12.9%)

The word has three syllables when I say it
24 (77.4%)

The word has two syllables when I say it
5 (16.1%)

I care how people spell the word, because spelling it wrong is a sign of a dismissive attitude
2 (6.5%)

I care how people spell the word, because it trips up my reading when it's spelled in an unexpected way
12 (38.7%)

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#71: Drag Dance Part 2

What am I missing, here? Is it the smarmy smile on the guy's face that makes his line "aggressive", is he standing too close, is it because he asks Wren for a dance in spite of her closed off body-language and unenthusiastic "...hey"?

I mean, I can see that he gets aggressive and defensive and snippy with her in the second panel, but I'm confused about why Wren is upset before that. Her line "Are you, like, hitting on me?" makes it seem like it's the mere fact that he's hitting on her, not the way in which he's hitting on her that bothers her.

Anyway, it's true that there are a lot of guys who think being in a queer space gives them license to be extra skeevy and objectifying and entitled and transgressive, because they confuse real life with porn.
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Kære Jette Beckmann, vinder af DRs sprogpris og vært på trafikradioen:

Det er ulovligt og livsfarligt for en selv og andre at undlade at skrabe sne og is af alle ruder og tag før man kører i sin bil.

Det er en persons gode ret og ikke til skade for nogen som helst at iklæde sig en burka.

Lad derfor venligst være med at kalde bilister med dårligt udsyn pga mangelfuld sneskrabning for "burkabilister". Et sådant udtryk bliver forlenet sin kraft af den islamofobiske ringeagt samfundet har overfor muslimer.

Du kunne med fordel kalde dem "skyklapsbilister". Det ville ovenikøbet bære en bibetydning i sig af uansvarlig uopmærksomhed, jævnfør "at gå rundt med skyklapper på".
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Let me tell you this story. I wanted to request it for yuletide, but I forgot. It has illustrations! It's about an English girl and her forbidden love with a creature of darkness.

Agnes stood on the bridge )
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From Colin Murdock, at Cracked

"Day by day, and night by night, he called up one corner of the globe after another, and looked upon its life, and studied its strange sights, and spoke with its people. ... He seldom spoke, and I never interrupted him when he was absorbed in this amusement."

Fun :-)

My favorite description of the internet (other than it's "a series of tubes") is in Vernor Vinge's True Names, which I must have read around 1986 or 1987.

I thought it sounded a bit lonely then, hanging out in chatrooms and forums with a bunch of bitchy, backstabbing people. But in reality, people on the internet turned out to be much nicer.
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My netbook has finally died. Taking backups was so time consuming that I only made sure to back up my most vital files, so now I can't get at all the important but not vital things I had saved. It's a nuisance.

I also miss sitting in the morning sun while reading the news and checking my mail.

Maybe one of those harddisk readers would work? I'll have to ask in the computer store.

So! I now have a dropbox )
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Thank you [personal profile] blnchflr for being a wonderful host! Thank you [personal profile] kabal42 for also being a wonderful host and for shuffling your activities around so you could spend more time with us! Thank you [personal profile] exeterlinden for spending time with us even though you had to work every day, and for providing the movies! Thank you [personal profile] ximeria for arranging our trip!

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People who are unable to distinguish between women and female characters make me queasy.
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Any fandom, any character, any sort of relationship.

Write about a character breaking up with a person they have any sort of relationship with, or a character breaking up with an institution, an organization, an ideal...

Comment with prompts by putting this in the subject line:
Prompt: fandom or just Prompt if it's for any fandom. Feel free to specify characters and relationship types too, if you have any preferences.

Answer any prompts which interest you, and also feel free to comment directly to this entry with an off the cuff ficlet or fragment, or a link to where you've posted it. Reposting previously written fic which fits the theme is fine.

Absolutely no care or effort or beta-reading or editing is expected or required! I'm just hoping someone will entertain me. People I don't know are very welcome indeed ♥

Master list

The Aeneid - Dido breaking up with Aeneas: Vergil fanfic because that's how I roll by [personal profile] calvinahobbes in both Danish and English

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Mai breaking up with Zuko: Avatar: TLA, during The Boiling Rock by [personal profile] jalendavi_lady in English

Red Dwarf - Rimmer breaking up with the Space Corps: Red Dwarf: Rimmer leaves the Space Corps by [personal profile] evilawyer in English

White Collar - Neal breaking up with Peter: Four years and counting [White Collar] by [personal profile] snakeling in English
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Last season I got increasingly frustrated with all the fail in Supernatural, to the point where I had to take a long break from it. I looked for a new fandom, but nothing really hooked me. But then I started reading the anon meme, and it's been fun to have others to share the good parts of the show and especially the fandom with, and it's made me feel almost enthusiastic about Sam and Dean again.

The season premiere )
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[community profile] covert_affairs - a place to post or announce your fic, vids, icons, episode reviews, meta and any other creative things you come up with inspired by the awesome and pretty Annie, Auggie, Jai, Joan, Danielle, Arthur and Liza. You can talk about Ben too, if you must ;-)

Also the place to discuss the episodes, what you ship, news and rumors, or any other thing about Covert Affairs.

[community profile] white_collar - the go to place on Dreamwidth for all White Collar content! You're going to need the comm extra much now, because during mid-season there will be the White Collar Dreamwidth Fest \o/

[community profile] lj_refugees and [community profile] getting_started - two great comms for learning nifty things you never knew about Dreamwidth even after a year and a half of open beta. Also a good place to meet new people and to welcome the newbies and spread the Dreamwidth culture of openness.

[community profile] bullerbyn - anything and everything Astrid Lindgren! So far it's mostly been fic recs by yours truly, but don't be shy, go ahead and post about your love of Astrid Lindgren's books.

[community profile] dkfen - a comm for arranging meet-ups in Denmark. Open to all nationalities! We do tend to chat in Danish, but we all speak English and several other languages, and we love to meet new people.

[personal profile] fandom_newsletters - don't read this journal. Read this journal's reading page, because it subscribes to all the Dreamwidth fandom newsletter. Yes, all the fandom newsletters. If you can think of one it doesn't subscribe to, it wants to know.