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These waffles have an amazing light and crispy texture:

60 g whole wheat flour (white wheat for best results)
30 g almond flour
7 g baking powder
a pinch of salt

1.5 dl milk
15 ml oil (1 tablespoon)
1 egg

Mix dry ingredients well. Stir in wet ingredients only until incorporated - too much stirring will active the gluten and make the waffles more rubbery. Let the batter sit for a moment, and when it is slightly larger and little air bubbles have formed, it is ready to pour.

Recipe makes two servings/four waffles.
Whole recipe contains 645 kcal, 26 g protein, 61 g carbohydrates and 37 g fat.

These waffles are so crispy and light you'd think they had sugar in them. The slight sweetness from the almond flour makes them delicious plain, but I also tried them with diced, dried apples (too chewy), blueberries (delicious) and maple syrup (also delicious).

I love bread, and since visiting [personal profile] luzula who bakes her own bread fresh every day, I've been baking a lot, mainly quick baking powder based breads like waffles, pancakes and biscuits. I experimented some with yeast, but I like that better in loaves, and my toaster oven is not reliable enough for that.

Unfortunately, in Denmark it is normal to have cereal for breakfast, bread for lunch and pasta/rice/other boiled grains for supper. Then in between we often snack on "bread candy" as [personal profile] kabal42 calls it, such as grissini, rye chips, salty crackers etc. Not good for someone who loves bread too much and whose digestion isn't geared to it.

That's why I've decided to mainly bake my own bread, and to only have grains for one meal a day and no more than five days a week. So far I've been doing okay with that, even if I haven't always contained myself to one grain-based meal a day. To make my waffles more easily digestible, I've been substituting part of the flour with dessicated coconut, which gives a slightly sweet and more chewy texture. I like it fine, but I've been craving something more bread-like. Well, yesterday they had almond flour on sale in my local Netto supermarket and for the first time ever I've tried baking with it. It turned out amazingly well! I thought almond flour would contribute some healthy fats to my diet, but I've since learned while researching how to adapt wheat flour recipes, that almond oil is not heat stable (I kind of knew that already) and the oils will degrade a lot in the waffle iron. But the waffles are so amazingly crisp, light and tender that I'm going to continue enjoying them pretty often, I think.

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Date: 2015-06-05 01:59 pm (UTC)
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I think over-night bread can be a good way to get fresh bread every day? I've tried, but even though the night-before assembly is super brief and you literally portion the dough with a spoon in the morning, I couldn't quite get into the habit. But I like the recipe I have and will share if you like :)


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