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In honor of the Pittsburgh Penguins proceeding to the second round, I bought this penguin at a café. They hadn't made a sign for it yet, so I didn't know what kind of cake(?) it was, what it cost, or what its name was.

When I asked for a penguin, the lady looked completely baffled for a few second, but then she smiled and knew what I meant. I asked her what it was called, but she hadn't been told, so maybe they haven't named it yet?

It turned out not to be a cake, but a marshmallow. The fluff had turned a bit rubbery where it wasn't covered in chocolate and it was extremely sweet, so I probably won't get one again. Unless the Penguins win round 2, of course, then I'll have to.

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Date: 2014-05-02 10:57 pm (UTC)
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While it's a little 'off-spec' for a penguin, I want to give a little cheer for the baker going on and making something just a bit out of training. May the Penguins keep going so all the artisans can perfect their penguins.

Hopefully next time you'll know which media it's sculpted in, and dine appropriately!


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