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Yuletide letter

AO3 Name: noracharles

Sleepy Hollow (TV)

Captain Frank Irving
Luke Morales

Frank/Luke slash, combined with any of the following gen prompts.

Case fic. Frank and Luke investigate a crime, supernatural or mundane.

Pranks. Frank is new, and has to figure out how to deal with a bunch of officers upset about losing the sheriff and Andy Brooks. Luke tries to make him feel welcome in his own special way.

Workplace tension. Luke still loves Abbie, and it gets to him having to see her every day at work. Frank's arrival complicates matters.

Civilian alter egos. Frank and Luke meet outside of work in a completely different situation, and it changes how they relate to each other.

I like secondary characters in fic, include as many as you like as long as the focus remains on Frank and Luke.

I like a bit of political intrigue, so it might be fun to read about Sleepy Hollow being a patchwork of many smaller towns, villages or hamlets, and the Sleepy Hollow PD being many different police departments as well as the sheriff's department which have now been combined.

I like spooky supernatural stuff.

Enemy Mine (1985)

Jeriba Shigan
Willis Davidge

Jeriba/Willis, combined with any of the following gen prompts

Fixit. Jeriba lives. Maybe they stay on the planet, maybe they get off the planet.

Kid fic. Zammis is a clone of Jeriba, and Willis keeps seing Jeriba in its personality and mannerisms.

Sex. Jeriba's people don't reproduce sexually, but they use sex for physical pleasure and emotional bonding.

Understanding Human culture. They get rescued, and are aboard a Human ship. Jeriba tries to understand and relate to Humans based on the teachings of Mickey Mouse.

I like domesticity.

I like exploration of alien worlds, with alien life forms.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)

Maria Hill (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
Melinda May

Maria/Melinda femslash, combined with any of the following gen prompts.

Mole. There is a mole infiltrating SHIELD and Maria and Melinda must catch her or him.

Undercover. Maria and Melinda go undercover among ordinary people. Different situations where they nearly reveal themselves as special would be fun.

Time travel. Maria or Melinda being thrown back in time and deciding to manipulate events for the better or to stop someone evil from changing the time line. Or a Groundhog Day scenario.

Mistaken identity. People keep singing "Let's Go to the Mall" at Maria. Robin Scherbatsky gets caught in a SHIELD operation.

You've Got Mail. Maria and Melinda become close online using pseuds, but have tension at work.

I like tropey fic, like amnesia, undercover as a couple, mutually unrequited love, misunderstandings/miscommunication, Sentinel AUs, one is secretly a fairy/alien/mermaid, etc.

I like action and fight scenes, strategy and plotting.

Jonathan Creek (TV)

Jonathan Creek
Maddy Magellan

Case fic. Jonathan and Maddy investigate a new case together.

Maddy stayed. Rewrite a Carla or Joey episode with Maddy instead.

Spooky. Jonathan doesn't believe in the supernatural, but something happens to make him question that.

Misunderstanding. Maddy and Jonathan have a comical misunderstanding or miscommunication, and it goes on for too long. Can be angsty too.

I like Maddy and Jonathan to have canon levels of flirtation and UST, but I prefer not to ship them seriously.

I like gothic horror.

I like humor.

MythBusters RPF

Grant Imahara (MythBusters RPF)

Grant/robot. Can be crossover character robot or one of the robots he's built. ETA: Everything not-unwise said about human/robot fic in their letter, basically.

Grant builds mechas, Kari and/or Tory are pilots. They defend humanity.

Grant is the robot engineer/maintainer of the AI on a spaceship, the MythBusters have adventures in space.

Magical girl AU. Grant is a man, but he transforms into a magical woman and fights evil.

Star Trek. Grant's adventures as an actor in Star Trek. How much is geeky fun and how much is hard work? Are Kari and Tory jealous? Does he have a friendly rivalry with John Cho over who is the better Sulu? Can he stay out of the business of the special effects crew?

My OTP is Grant/robot, please don't ship Grant with anyone else.