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When I was a silly teenager, my girlfriend and I took some naked pictures of each other. Hiding certain areas of the body with strategically placed objects, because we didn't want the photolab to report us for child porn, or for the technician to steal them for his private fap stash, but still, naked pictures.

When my mom saw that I had an envelope from the photolab, she looked through the photos before I had a chance to remove any of them, but that was fine with me.

A few days later, some friends of my parents were over, and my mom insisted I should show them my photos. I was initially reluctant, not wanting to bore them, but when they also said they wanted to see them, I sorted the general friends and family and interesting sights I have seen photos from the private naked me, naked girlfriend photos, and brought out the general ones.

After we had seen them all, and talked about all of them (boring), my mom was very disappointed I had removed the private ones. She said she had only prompted me to show her friends the photos because those particular ones were "So funny and cute!"

She doesn't really understand that naked pics of me taken by my girlfriend are not the same as naked pics of me when I was a tiny little baby taken by my dad. Or that we do not have the same comfort-zone, or that my privacy is not hers to grant access to. Or that when she feels cold, I do not necessarily need to put on my coat :-)

That happened many years ago, now. Her attitude has not changed at all, but I have gotten better at not telling her anything I would not want shared with all her friends as a "cute things my baby does" story.


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