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Jun. 17th, 2017 10:03 am
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I had to go to Copenhagen for a couple of days for work, and [personal profile] lysanatt very graciously put up Fluffy and me. I was hoping to stay until Saturday, but then Fluffy got a tick-related rash on Thursday and I felt like I had to get it checked out before the weekend. So after finishing up early yesterday, we drove back home and went to the vet. Thankfully [personal profile] lysanatt and [personal profile] oneiriad had a date to go to a concert on Thursday, and we managed to eat sushi/pizza with [personal profile] blnchflr before they went off. Blnchflr and I took Fluffy for a walk before she left, but poor pupper was so tired from catching Pokemon with Lýsa that he just had to be carried home... I'm sad I didn't get to stay and hang out, especially considering how I missed all the fun last weekend with [personal profile] dancing_serpent, but I'm glad we at least got to hang out. And it was so nice to have Lýsa to defrief with after work every day.

The vet visit was okay. I tried to get J to come with us, but she had a reception to go to, so we ended up going alone. The nurse had booked us into a double slot, which meant technically there wasn't any time, but she wanted to make sure the vet saw us before the weekend - which was so nice of her! Fluffy does not like the vet's office by now - he has been poked with sharp needles far too many times - so I went in alone to ask about the wait time, leaving him in the car. He took that surprisingly well (maybe his thought process was, "Oh good, it's mom who has to be tortured this time, I'll just wait here"), and the nurse in the reception suggested we wait in their grass enclosure behind the building. I had been prescient enough to bring toys, and we ended up waiting for half an hour, but Fluffy was having the best time playing fetch. The vet came outside himself to get us, and I literally just put Fluffy on his leash and ran him inside and then scooped him up and put him on the exam table before he realized what was happening XD The vet cleaned the tick bite and put him on a short course of penicillin, and we were out again in 7 minutes where the nurse had chicken treats which Fluffy actually deigned to eat (usually he will not eat any treats in the vet's office). Also it ended up being only ~700DKR! I had been joking it would be 1k for the rush, but no! Also while in there the vet said that based on the tiny size of Fluffy's nads, the chemical castration is still in effect - 13 months after the injection, which was said to last only 6! Value for my money!

I was so tired last night, though. Luckily I found some food in the freezer, and then I crashed for over an hour and woke up super grumpy without any candy in the house. So after walking Fluffy for the night, I felt like such a grease-bag as I literally took the car to the supermarket and bought soda, icecream, Pringles and chocolate (and milk for my morning coffee). I totally deserved it! But I was also deeply grateful for the self-checkout >_> I came home and ended up watching Mrs. Doubtfire on Netflix.

I am so glad Mrs. Doubtfire is on Netflix and that I got to watch it yet again. It's such an odd movie, but I love it. I don't love all the horrible slap-stick and embarrassment humor, but I just love that Mrs. Doubtfire is so awesome at everything? I love that she is much better at organising and being authoritative than Daniel is. I remember watching this movie dozens of times as a kid, and of course the fascination was the gender aspects even before I understood much about that. I love how Daniel's brother is gay, and although his relationship with his husband is as despairingly sexless as you'd expect of a 90s movie (they literally hip bump when they ought to kiss), I still think one of the best lines is when Daniel shows up at his house and says, "Can you make me a woman?" and his make-up artist brother just goes "Oh, honey, I'm so happy!" I know everything is played for laughs, and that it's supposed to be grotesque and maybe I've just watched it too young to pick up on all the awful, but I never think any of it is overly judgmental? I love how Mrs. Doubtfire is so admired by the busdriver! I love how she plays soccer in heels, and how she does a sexy dance when she is vacuuming all alone.

While driving home yesterday I also finished The Golden Compass. This is the third time I read this book. In the past it has always been a slow read, but this time I think it went fast. I switched between listening to the audiobook version and reading the Everyman's Library omnibus edition. The audiobook is made with a full cast and narrated by Philip Pullmann, which he does impressively well - he is just as good as any professional narrator, but then it's probably easier for him because he doesn't have to do the voices! I enjoyed it as much as the last two times around, but I'm still left with a feeling like I don't quite get the ending, Lord Asriel's explanation of Dust/experience/sin/Tree of Knowledge and the conversation between Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter (and the seemingly very contradictory behavior of their daemons?). Still, the world building is amazing, and Lyra is one of the strongest characters in any work of fiction I've read. I wasn't expecting it to go this fast, but since it's going so well, I might as well continue with The Subtle Knife and just see how far I get.