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Date: 2012-08-02 03:56 pm (UTC)
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Heh, I'm sorry I watched that too :-)

But you know, my mother loves costume dramas, and I wanted to spend time with her, so that in itself made my time well spent.

I used to like Glenn Close so much! But to see her having fought for so many years to make this dreck happen, including changing the ending of the original novella to give the main character the requisite violent death... it's just not on.

Regarding Brokeback Mountain, I haven't actually watched it, because of being told of the tragic ending. I do generally like Ang Lee's films, and presume that considering it in isolation it is a very good film. I feel that way about Boys Don't Cry - beautiful, well-acted, amazing development of the setting, and worthwhile to me despite the ending, not least of all because it is a true story, not purely fiction made up to convey a certain agenda.

As for Albert being inherently off-putting and unsympathetic: many people have said so in their reviews. I liked him quite a bit, but I see what you mean. However, Kathleen was absolutely charming and sympathetic, no? And Mr. Page was extremely appealing to me, despite the rape-trigger scene. Then again, the drunken, gambling waiter whose name I forget, the one who was also beat up and called homophobic slurs by Joe was as pathetic as every man in the movie.

What I had a problem with moreso than the main character being Other was how all men are drunks and most of them are violent and useless, and women only turn to other women out of necessity. And how being queer (whether not-straight or gender queer) is a metaphor for the anguish cis, straight people feel when engaged in a cross-class romance, when being a bastard or having a child out of wedlock, or when compelled into putting on a professional face and fulfilling a social role (wtf!).

I mean, yeah, societal pressure, public shaming, the torment of keeping secrets, the individual versus society and all that, it's not that I don't see the parallels, but it's not okay to make a movie about queer people which is really all about the troubles of cis, straight people and how they were inspired or given money or given a husband to lend legitimacy to them by the queer characters.
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