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Date: 2012-04-25 02:15 pm (UTC)
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I've signed up for everything that doesn't have any prerequisites, but I can see that I will need to know a programming language for most of the computer science classes. I'm holding off on that until I know if I enjoy the format. I will also need to brush up on algebra and calculus! It's been a long time since I learned anything about that in school, and they didn't offer any advanced classes on the linguistics track, as you know.

The great thing about Coursera is that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose even if I do sign up for a class that proves too work-intensive.

Today I watched the lectures and completed the homework for two classes: Introduction to Logic and CS101.

Introduction to Logic is fascinating. I know a bit about logic already, of course, and since this is only an introductory course I was able to use common sense and what little I already knew, so it was easy to follow along and complete the homework, but I still felt that I learned something new and could strech my brain a little :-)
If nothing else, this first lesson taught me why Sherlock Holmes uses "deduction" wrong, heh.

Computer Science 101 is entertaining, but so far has not taught me anything new. On the plus side, completing the homework took all of 5 minutes, so it's not a great investment of time and effort.

The assignments for those two classes are due at the end of this week, so now's the time to join if you're interested.
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