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Date: 2012-02-20 07:43 pm (UTC)
blnchflr: Umm… Yeah. I meant to do that. (I meant to do that.)
From: [personal profile] blnchflr
For years and years and years and years, my mom did not understand I had no interest in holding relatives' or strangers' babies. She'd keep asking me in front of the parents if I didn't want to hold their baby - I'd decline, and she'd keep asking and KEEP ASKING. Finally she'd pull me aside and hiss how embarrassing I was.

She's stopped doing it (meanwhile, I've totally gotten into holding babies - the ones you can hand right back are still the best, though), but we clash over other things, only I can't of a current example. But yeah, like you describe, she sometimes think I must have the exact same POV as her, even when I try to explain, no.

Since I'm in a chatty mood, I have to share another naked pics story, which I think is totally cute, but you may not, and I hope you don't find it offensive. The first online people I met in analogue life was a young Dutch women and a young Dutch guy, who were dating, but at the time living in their respective countries. I visited the Dutch women first, and then travelled to visit the guy. We were on the computer, and he asked if I wanted to see pics from their vacation, and I said sure. Among the regular vacations pics were pics they'd taken of each other naked in the bathtub. He went past the pic of him super-fast, so I don't remember that at all, but he showed me the pic of his girlfriend. Whether by accident or not, and I don't think he would have shown me otherwise, all private parts were covered by arms or the bathtub. It was cute, because it was so very obvious from what he said (I have no recollection of what, exactly, he said, only the very general gist), that he was so proud of his hot and cute girlfriend, and really wanted to share that with me (we knew each other from online before I got to know her). Aww, bless.

Also: I totally try to make people put on sweaters and/or socks when I'm cold /o\ ! [personal profile] exeterlinden, if you happen by, remember that time at [personal profile] kabal42, where you arrived with wet jeans because of the rain. I hate sitting in wet jeans so much, and I really wanted you to take them off, lol! Lol, except, it was obviously none of my business whether you wore wet jeans or not, BUT IT WAS REALLY AWFUL TO THINK OF to me, sorry :o)
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