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Date: 2012-02-16 08:40 pm (UTC)
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Heh, you should be! I was disturbed by him too. I did not think people like him were really real, I thought they were exaggerated charicatures from office comedies.

He also wore a three piece suit, with the shirt, waist-coat, jacket and trousers all different fabrics in intense colors and loud patterns, and stank like he bathed in perfume. I got the impression he was terrified of not being the center of attention at all times. How does that inspire confidence in anyone?

His first practical exercise for us was to play a trivia game about him and his personal life. Yes, like Gilderoy Lockheart. I got 6 correct guesses about his living arrangements and love life and the cars he owned and the sports he liked and his ideal woman out of 20 possible. (I guessed Joan ├śrting, because she's the most annoying attention-seeker I could think of.) We corrected the answer sheet of the person next to us, so we wouldn't cheat, and then had to stand up and be mocked for how few points we got, because it just went to show how stupid we were to let our assumptions blind us (because we should always build a human connection through genuine interest and curiosity about the client as a person, doncha know).

He lied about his age. When giving us the correct answers for that he told us one thing, then later he absentmindedly told us a different, higher number when regaling us with his exciting CV.
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