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Date: 2012-02-16 08:24 pm (UTC)
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You're a sweetheart :-) They weren't any brilliant or original ideas, just common sense and stuff I learned at work, so I'm glad he used them, though obviously I wish it wouldn't be a secret from my boss that the know-how in our department is better than what coach-douche had originally planned to say.

My boss is kind of sucky, though. I mean, I can understand why she had to approach me about how I was going to play it in front of the team, because challenging his (coach-douche's) authority directly would be tantamount to challenging her authority, since she was the one to bring him in. I do understand that providing asked-for, constructive criticism during the planning phase to superiors with decision-making powers is not the same as presenting a divided front to co-workers who have no choice but to try to comply with directions, but she doesn't know that about me, since she's new.

But the fact that she failed to acknowledge how he had humiliated S, and how he said cutting, denigrating things to our co-workers who answered his questions during the seminar made me lose faith in her.

I did notice one thing, though: His first anecdote about stupid things the stupid people at my company stupidly do because we're so helpless without his sage advice was about my boss. A transparent ploy to show that 1) we are all human, haha! and 2) I'm on your side in the imaginary boss/employee divide!

My boss politely laughed at his punch-line about how stupid and incompetent she is. Then when it was her turn to speak, she politely asked my permission to use me as an example, and told us the story of a made-up scenario that was funny without being mean.

So she may just pretend to be oblivious to his manipulative shit because she doesn't want to lose face in front of me and S.
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